What is Project Xamsara?

Project Xamsara is a series of media portraying the fictional universe of Xamsara. Meant to ultimately be an umbrella term for a variety of entertainment.

Who makes Project Xamsara?

A lone indie developer who is currently CEO of a company called Lunar Hare Studios Llc. I’m currently working on my first title Earth Romancer. Follow me and watch as we hopefully expand!

How long has Earth Romancer been in development?

As of May 2017, Earth Romancer has been in development for the better part of two years now. However, for most of that development I worked on it alone while also maintaining full-time clerical work.

Where can I find out more about Earth Romancer?

I’ll be updating this blog more often as Kickstarter draws near. Otherwise please follow us on social media!

Lunar Hare Studios Twitter:


Earth Romancer Twitter:


I want to follow you on social media.

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