Earth Romancer Soft Reveal

Well most people already know I’ve been developing this game for the past 6 months or so and plans are really coming to fruition lately. However, I’ve kind of lost my security blanket and development has been taking longer than expected. I thought I’d make a quick little teaser and open the game up for early donations, in order to help me past this rough choke point in the process.

If you’ve talked to me you might know I’ve pretty much wanted to make video games my entire life. I’ve been a script kiddie ever since I made my first GML games in grade school. A lot of sweat, tears and pocket money goes into this project. The animations, programming and most everything but some of the 3D models seen here are a product of my studies. From taking classes on digital tutors to outsourcing the music to real composers, this is essentially my first “life’s work.”

I can’t really understate how much value my friends have been throughout this whole ordeal. Even without donating your support means a ton to me and I’m in disbelief at times of the amazing people I’m surrounded by. Anyways I don’t want to take up your time. Give the video a watch, and if you feel like donating just hit the button!




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